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Your Really Cruise Through What To Put What So That You Pack

The chore of packing is a necessary evil of cruise travel. But paying attention to the details can prevent disappointment and can even give a certain edge to a trip to make it more enjoyable. Why not resolve this year to take your cruise vacation packing to a new level?

Nervous about getting seasick? Don't be. Most of today's 2 way radios are so large, you can hardly even feel the boat rocking. If you think you are prone to motion sickness, do yourself a favor and take a gulf tour. For example, the cruises to the Western Caribbean are much smoother than the Eastern because the boat is in the calmer Caribbean waters, not the Atlantic. And there are many brands of motion sickness meds, including the patch that works wonders.

Work from home opportunities are plentiful in the call center and customer service occupations. Some of these companies hire employees instead of contractors which could be a great benefit. All you need is a telephone line, a computer, high-speed Internet and excellent customer service skills. West at Home and 1-800-Flowers are great places to start. AT&T and SBC hire remote communication often as a transition from their St. Louis call centers.

All ships have a Newlyweds game. Go to it. It is fun and hopefully, you will only be a newlywed once. Participate in all the activities they are a little two way radio bit corny but they do make you laugh. Let everyone know you have just had your cruise ship wedding, people love that. You might even get a few free drinks.

See how much additional you'll have to pay for service fees, port charges and government taxes. You certainly don't want to overpay for something that only seems like a bargain on the surface.

Goals cruises are the most motivating force on Earth. They bring people together, they challenge us and force us to grow. They help us to become more than we thought we could be. Goals cause us to attempt the things that ordinary people think are crazy. Goals dare us to overcome. Goals dare us to dream.

Post by jack1968 (2015-08-18 22:35)

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